In rare cases, you may find Amphetamine is utilizing your Mac's CPU in abnormally high manner. In most cases, this issue is isolated to your user account on your Mac. To confirm the issue exists within your user account, follow these steps provided by Apple and attempt to replicate the issue under the new user account:

How to test an issue in another user account on your Mac

If you confirm that indeed the issue is isolated to your user account, the next step is to figure out what is causing the issue in your user account.

Minimal System

To help further isolate the issue, try connecting the bare minimum of devices and peripherals to your Mac. Disconnect USB devices, displays, and Bluetooth devices. Quit other apps that are running. You may find that a particular connected device interacting with Amphetamine is causing the issue, or perhaps another app interacting with Amphetamine is (e.g. anti-virus, etc.).

If you find that running a minimal system, disconnecting all devices and quitting all other apps does not solve the issue, you can proceed with resetting Amphetamine's preferences.

How to Reset Amphetamine's Preferences

Follow the steps in the article below to reset Amphetamine's preferences:

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