Legacy Icon Links

With each Amphetamine update there are slight, or sometimes, major revisions to the session status icons. If one of your preferred icons has been changed or removed, this can be frustrating for sure. Sorry! But don't fret - you can always use your own custom icons with Amphetamine.

Teapot (from Amphetamine 3)

By Arthur Shlain from The Noun Project

Coffee Pot  (from Amphetamine 3)

By Adian Q from The Noun Project

Coffee Cup (from Amphetamine 3)

Adapted from Thomas Helbig from The Noun Project

Coffee Cup 2 (from Amphetamine 3):

Adapted from Rohith M S, IN from The Noun Project

Moon (from Amphetamine 3)

By Edward Boatman from The Noun Project 

Sun (from Amphetamine 3)

By Federico Panzano from The Noun Project

Molecule (from Amphetamine 3)

By William Gustafson

Coffee Cup (from Amphetamine 2)

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